About Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan Lerner is the world authority on the psychology of anxiety and has an international reputation for rescuing people hijacked by worry and fear.

He is the creator of Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan, the #1 self-help program for anxiety and panic, which offers a medication-free and therapy-free solution.

Dr. Dan is the go-to expert for anxiety and panic and is called on by celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, and high net worth individuals. In addition, thousands of people worldwide have successfully used the techniques in Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan and in his free report “How to Overcome Anxiety.”

Dr. Dan is a trusted expert on anxiety and panic and has appeared on Network News, the American Psychologist, the Daily Record, and the Baltimore Sun.

Dr. Dan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Psychology, and a Master of Science in Education from John Hopkins University. His clinical experience focuses on interventions for anxiety and panic.

Dr. Dan lives with his wife and 6 children in Baltimore, Maryland.