Analysis Paralysis – How to get Unstuck

A Path to Relief from Anxiety & Panic

Do you worry a lot? Is that an understatement? Is OBSESS more like it?

If you suffer from anxiety or panic, you probably spend a lot of time and energy THINKING about things. You’ve probably analyzed certain situations and potential pitfalls from every possible angle.

And the chances are good that others have weighed-in on your situation too. Have you discussed your worries with a friend, a family member, or a counselor?

An astute analysis of your anxiety and the related issues can be helpful. It sometimes leads to problem-solving ideas that work.

Talking about the situation can be helpful too. Most people find that therapeutic—at least for the moment.

But sometimes the problem with thinking and talking is that it becomes a substitute for DOING. Analyzing can be productive, but if you want change, there’s nothing like taking ACTION.

One of the participants in Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan told me during a Q & A teleconference that she was in therapy for over a year before she started my program. I asked her what changes she implemented since beginning therapy. She said, “Well, no real changes. But I understand my problem much better.”

I call that “analysis paralysis.”

The great philosopher Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This is very true. But the unlived life is not worth examining!

THOUGHT and ACTION are like flour and water. If you’re missing one, it’s no good.

Rigorous thinking gives rise to intelligent action. And action gives critical feedback for further thought. Ultimately, it’s the combination of the two that leads to clarity and freedom from anxiety.

Years ago I would agonize over decisions. Where should I go to college? Which jobs should I apply for? Which social outings should I attend? Where should I go on vacation? I would examine every decision from every possible angle. And then I solicit other people’s analysis. Of course, everyone differed in their analysis, so then I would spend forever trying to reconcile all the conflicting perspectives. I was stuck, constantly second-guessing.

I found myself in the same trap when I started grappling with my anxiety.

Finally, I learned about “productive analysis,” which I explain in Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan. Productive analysis relieved me of the anxiety producing decision making process and freed me to make healthy and swift decisions that I put into action. Taking action made me much more productive and relieved me of crippling anxiety.

When it comes to your anxiety, solutions are articulated in the vocabulary of ACTION. New thoughts and new words are useful when they inspire you to BEHAVE in new ways.

If you’re ready to take action—if you’re ready to learn new behaviors that will free you from the grip of anxiety—then join me in Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan.

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I can’t even tell you how much I love your program…My daughter (who surely inherited her anxiety from me!) is going through your program now and with great results. Both of us feel that you get us. Your own experience with anxiety makes us feel that we are not alone. Thank You.

Marla Holt

Greensboro, NC

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