Do You Feel Like a Grape?

The Crushing Truth about Anxiety & Panic

Have you ever been to a winery?

Can you imagine what it would be like to be one of those grapes? Really…play along with me here for a moment.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be plucked, pushed, crushed, pressed, skinned, and fermented? OUCH! The pain! What’s the point of it all?

A lot of people suffering from anxiety and panic feel that way about their life. “Why am I doing this? Where is my life going?”

But just as a grape goes through a difficult process before it becomes a fine wine, sometimes we have to go through a painful process before we become our best.

The people who have the most success in life are NOT necessarily those who grew up healthy, well-adjusted, and with normal parents. People like that usually have OKAY lives.

The MOST SUCCESSFUL lives are lived by people who were crushed; people who went through a painful process, and who built their lives from the ruins of broken dreams.

There’s an ancient psalm by King David, “Those who sow in tears will reap harvest in glad song.”

And so it is that pain is often the preview to pleasure. Any woman who has experienced child birth can testify to this truth.

As I interact with more and more people in Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan, I notice that very often the turning point is when a person hits rock bottom. It’s not until they’ve been through the worst that things start to get better.

But turning around your life in face of panic and anxiety is NOT automatic. Just because you hit bottom, does NOT mean you’ll bounce back. If you don’t make it happen, you’ll just crash and you might end up crushed. In order to turn your life around and overcome your anxiety, you have to take RESPONSIBILITY.

What does it REALLY mean to be responsible? A person who is responsible has the ABILITY to RESPOND. In other words, if you take response-ability, then your life is not determined solely by what happens; it’s also determined by how you RESPOND to what happens.

A responsible person is not a victim to their circumstances. They are the master of their fate. How you respond to your worries today WILL determine your emotional circumstances tomorrow. YOUR actions set the tone for your emotions. You can turn sour grapes into a fine wine.

If you know how to do this, then do it now. If you need help, then USE ME. I can help you. Years ago my life was in a downward spiral. I was literally immobilized by anxiety, drowning in my sense of dread about the future. I turned it around and I can show you how too.

Overcoming anxiety and panic is not mystical. It’s NOT a mystery. You don’t have to be lucky. And you may not need therapy or medication. You just have to know the recipe.

If you want the complete recipe, please join me in Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan. Register now and get head start with instant access to the members-only area which includes complete step-by-step instructions for managing anxiety and panic.

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I can’t even tell you how much I love your program…My daughter (who surely inherited her anxiety from me!) is going through your program now and with great results. Both of us feel that you get us. Your own experience with anxiety makes us feel that we are not alone. Thank You.

Marla Holt

Greensboro, NC

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