The Slip between the Cup and Lip

Why You Can't Break Free from Anxiety & Panic

The biggest problem with most people who suffer from anxiety is that there’s too much slip between cup and lip. Let me explain.

How’s your anxiety lately? Had any attacks? Would you be satisfied if 3 months from now the level and frequency your anxiety was the same?

My guess is you would NOT be satisfied. How do I know that? Because you’re reaching out for help with your anxiety. GREAT JOB! The fact that you reached out puts you light years ahead of most people…in the top 3%.

But did you make the changes you wanted to make? Did you find peace? Did you overcome anxiety and panic and starting living the life you want?

Unfortunately, inspiration is more common than execution.

And in fact, one reason people say they register for Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan is to be held accountable. In the program, we establish specific goals, clear tasks to accomplish them, and a mutually agreed upon time frame. Of course I share insights, offer inspiration, and help you process, but my job is also to ensure EXECUTION. At the end of the day, it’s DOING that changes things. And most people need help following through.

People wanted a program that would not only offer a step-by-step system for change, but also one that provided a structure that would get them to take the steps. And so if you’re familiar with Dr. Dan’s Anxiety Plan, you know that it provides consistent multi-sensory reinforcement and instruction, for as long as you need it. So you not only know what to do, but there’s a structure to make sure you get it done.

The point here is that ACTION must follow inspiration in order for change to occur.

Imagine that every time you were thirsty, you spilled your drink before it got to your lips.

That’s what happens with most people who suffer from anxiety. We know we have to do something. And sometimes we even take a small step. But do we get to where we want to be? Or does our inspiration get overwhelmed by fear, laziness, and the thick of thin things?

Sometimes there’s simply too much slip between cup and lip.

Now is a good time to reflect…to go inside yourself and find inspiration again to get rid of your anxiety. YOU DESERVE TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT and you can!


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I can’t even tell you how much I love your program…My daughter (who surely inherited her anxiety from me!) is going through your program now and with great results. Both of us feel that you get us. Your own experience with anxiety makes us feel that we are not alone. Thank You.

Marla Holt

Greensboro, NC

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