The 4 Elements of Every Panic Attack

Dr. Dan on Talk Radio

Lisa Ferentz interviewed me on her radio show “Inspired Journeys: Overcoming Adversity and Thriving.” It’s a long interview (48 minutes), but if you’re struggling with panic and/or anxiety, it’s probably worth a listen.

In the interview, I talk about the 4 elements of every panic attack and 2 practical interventions easy to use to achieve relief. You can listen to or download the interview here:

Listen to Radio Interview


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I can’t even tell you how much I love your program…My daughter (who surely inherited her anxiety from me!) is going through your program now and with great results. Both of us feel that you get us. Your own experience with anxiety makes us feel that we are not alone. Thank You.

Marla Holt

Greensboro, NC

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